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Why do all these people like to draw me? It’s kind of… creepy.



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This was written by a little 6 year old girl. I babysit her and her two sisters - Rebecca and Mia, and before they go to bed they all sit down and write little prayers to God.
This was the one that Hollie wrote last time, and it absolutely broke my heart. I mean, she’s six years old and she thinks she’s not beautiful. That’s not right. But she is beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. She’s got golden blonde hair, bright green eyes and a smile so beautiful that you melt a little inside when you see it.
When their mum got home, I showed her Hollie’s prayer, and she was devastated. She’s a nurse so she’s seen a lot of horrible things, but I have never seen her like that. And so I had to do something.
If you’re reading this, and if you have the slightest bit of a heart, please reblog this, so that I can prove to Hollie that she is beautiful, and that she is so special, and that God made her exactly the way she is because He knows that He made her perfect. Please give this beautiful little girl the confidence she deserves.

holy fuck the tears 

I am an atheist but reblogging because I have a heart.

*hugs Hollie* It’s okay. Just… wow. :(


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lol it was a surprise for me to figure out that this is ken, i was nice to him but i wasn’t interested and instead of most girls who are like “I LOVE YOU NOW!” i was like “D8….. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?”

Yay people still love my old self! ^0^






oh my

oh hey I’m an annoying attention-whore.
yep that’s me

“egotistical douchebag” sorry but no

I’m not THAT perverted…nor a psychopath. ^////^’

o_o YOU BETTER NOT AGREE WITH MINE, NATHANIEL. T_T *P.S Why isn’t Castiel a Capricorn? Hee hee. XD*


What Cancer Thinks About The Other Zodiac Signs: Aries: They are loads of fun and there never seems to be a dull moment with them... but they make me shudder when they get a little too blunt.
Taurus: They are practically my better half... but they can be really difficult when I show them something different or new.
Gemini: They have a good head on their shoulders and I feel they give out good advice which I think makes for a good friend... but sometimes I feel like they don't even want to be friends or care that much.
Leo: They are my best friend and we do everything together... but I can feel so overshadowed and sometimes unneeded by them
Virgo: I feel so comfortable around them like someone I can really trust... but they can either be too emotionally distant or too critical of me.
Libra: They are understanding and I actually feel needed for once... but I feel so betrayed when they talk about me to other people.
Scorpio: Their intensity inspires me, and I love that they always do what they say... but sometimes our fights can last a little too long.
Sagittarius: Their carefree and exciting attitude is contagious, and I feel so strong when I'm around them... but our many differences can get the better of us sometimes.
Capricorn: They are down-to-earth, strong, nice, and just completely wonderful... but their composed, straightforward attitude can be so mean and even ruthless sometimes.
Aquarius: They are definitely friendly, sociable with a nonchalant and easy personality... but it can get really frustrating when I try to get them to like something but they just won't bite.
Pisces: They completely understand me and I feel at home with them, and it's pretty fun just hanging out with nothing to really do... but sometimes I feel like they don't need me so much.
Aw, you guys. : D


Anonymous: No! I am not Laya or Rue! Hehehehehehehehe.

Aw. :( Are you someone I know?